Well Being

well·being v. 1.the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy

What must we do in order to live "Well?"

Well-Being is achieved by developing an awareness in and balance between the three things we all must do everyday; Eat, Move, and Rest. We typically perform these life tasks without even thinking. But, if we educate ourselves and begin to eat, move, & rest OUR BEST, we can SHIFT from survive mode to THRIVE MODE!

"The Key to Growth is the introduction of Higher Dimensions of Consciousness into our Awareness." -Lau Tzu

This attention to detail and level of self awareness is something my wife Erin and I call Lifestyle Design.

Lifestyle Design


life·style de·sign v. 1.  the preparation and structuring of an optimal mode of living to be executed and sustained for the benefit of the unique individual 2. the incorporation of essential elements for success into one's daily life

Lifestyle Design is a concept best described as Whole-Life Optimization. My wife and I have applied the term to our work after spending the last few years educating ourselves on the benefits and practices of Living Well. This has led us on a journey of personal exploration and elemental implementation. It has challenged our bodies & minds and has, as a result, transformed our daily routines, the foods we eat, our exercise habits, sleep patterns, and more - all in the pursuit of living well!  

TRANSFORM - from survive to THRIVE!

The Goal: to help others LIVE OPTIMALLY through health, wellness, & lifestyle coaching. I focus on sharing my knowledge and providing clients with a variety of hands-on applications - Including clinical testing & blood work analysis, exercise & fitness, grocery shopping & meal prep, mindfulness & meditation, prayer & fasting, and so much more! 

  1. I believe in the power of whole-food plant based diet for optimal health - Let food be thy medicine!

  2. Celebrate your body and the way that it works! Lift, run, ride, dance, jump, stretch, kick - Do what excites & energizes you!

  3. Rest and relaxation are often undervalued. Prayer, meditation, and restful sleep allow for growth & repair of Mind, Body, & Soul.

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