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I am...

A sun chaser & dreamer. A hands-on maker & content creator. A Christ follower, group leader, wellness advocate & so much more...

From the Start


I have always been a person that others come to for advice or with a project in mind. From assisting on a design project, to helping others with their health, I have received (& responded to) the call! A true jack of all trades, albeit a master of none (tear)! My wife, Erin, however, would feed my ego by calling me a renaissance man - although a far cry short of DaVinci himself, I'll gladly embrace the moniker! 

At the end of the day, I'm an optimizer - a problem solver (for better or for worse). I am fascinated by how things work, & being able to solve a problem excites me. I am energized by upgrades - upgraded spaces, improved health, & better relationships - these are the things that get me going!

The Journey


My journey in designing, building, and upgrading spaces started at a young age. I learned very quickly from my parents who, being involved in all things real-estate, taught me how to how to work hard, & how to be creative!

As a child, I was more than anything, an artist. My room was littered with drawings & creations of all kind. I was routinely striping down & re-paint my bike, re-arranging my bedroom, or disassembling a gadget in an effort to find out how it worked. From being featured in city wide art shows, to building tree forts, creating became my obsession. 

I continued to hone my skills in high school, building homes with my parents, landscaping through college, & re-learning how to paint with my girlfriend, now wife.

In 2010 received a BA in Communication Studies. I knew that above all else, being an effective communicator was going to be a key factor in building business, relationships, and a healthy life. My studies of & with interpersonal communication got me interested in the importance of not just physical but mental health, personal development, & relationship building. This new found knowledge got me excited about being able to helping others!

In 2012, Erin and I became members of A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). Through A4M, we completed a post graduate wellness program where we worked with some of the nation's leading health & wellness practitioners & advisors. Our list of certifications has continued to grow over the years enabling us to use our education & training to help others transform their lives!

I currently stay busy with home& landscape projects, property management AIRBNB (neboathouse.com), wellness coaching, & content creation (youtube.com/eatmoverest)! 

You can usually find Erin & I organizing a plant-based dinner for friends, hosting one of our Costa Rican Wellness Retreats(EatMoveRest in Costa Rica), running with our mountain dog Beau, or traveling the world!



"You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give"

-Winston Churchill