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Home Land Design

Define It:

de·sign v. 1. to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), especially to plan the form and structure of

2. purpose, planning, or intention that exists behind an action, fact, or material object

i.e. purpose, plan, intent, objective, goal


Home & Land Design is my version of "what I do." Landscaping and building are the two things I love when it comes to working with my hands. Since childhood, I have spent my time drawing up plans and bringing those plans to life. Whether that be in the form of building tree forts (your welcome mom & dad), furniture, or homes - planting trees, spreading mulch, or laying flagstone - I'm there!

I see it in my head, I draw it up, and I bring it to life!


My fascination and obsession with building came from the many years spent on the job site working with my parents. From rentals, flips, and new home builds, I've been a part of the whole process since youth. I LOVE IT! Finding the ideas, drawing up the plans, and even smelling the fresh lumber on site - all fuel that youthful fascination and my drive to CREATE SPACES. 

Landscaping (for me) is like meditation. Outside - feeling the sweat on my brow, the dirt on my hands, and the sun on my back - is where I like to be. Nothing feels better than transforming an outdoor space into something that is alive and beautiful. Properly mix the two processes of Home & Land Design, and you end up with a place you love to spend your time and live your life!

The Goal: create optimal living spaces that are esthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, and comfortable - through HOME & LAND Design!




We all have our own idea of the "dream home" and/or ideal outdoor space. Whether you saw an idea on a tv show, found an inspiring picture in a magazine, or thought it up yourself, together we can make it happen! I have worked with the best contractors, trades, and crews in the area to create these dream spaces, and I want to do that for you. Send me your project ideas and lets get to work!

  1. ENVISION - together we discuss your ideas, your wants, & your needs
  2. We draw up a plan & create your DESIGN
  3. With my team of contractors & trades, we CREATE your space

I want to help you bring that dream space to LIFE!