Landscaping (for me) is like meditation. Outside - feeling the sweat on my brow, the dirt on my hands, and the sun on my back - is where I like to be. I thrive on transforming outdoor spaces into places that are alive and beautiful. Properly designs ponds, structures, and planting - leave you with a space that is aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and comfortable. 

  1. DEMO - Out with the old - clean up current landscaping, trim/take down trees, and prepare the space for a makeover
  2. HARDSCAPE - Pergolas, walkways, ponds, and more...
  3. PLANT - In with the new - Plant the space for privacy, comfort, healthy air, and curb appeal

My Objective: create outdoor living spaces that are esthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, & comfortable - 

Together we can design and create a space you love to spend your time - Outside!