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My Story

I'm Dusty

A Christ follower, lifestyle entrepreneur, health coach, home & landscape designer -

Creating spaces for Healthy. Modern. Living. 

Most importantly, I'm a husband to my wife and best friend, Erin (Check her out @ 

You can usually find me working in the yard - immersed in a DIY project - or spending time with Erin & our big Bernese mountain dog, Beaumont!

From the Start

I have always been a problem solver, advice giver, handyman & idea generator - someone others come to for advice or with a project in mind - from assisting with a DIY project, to helping manage stress, I have received the call!

My wife and I both share an interest in and passion for helping others improve their lives. We have recently focussed our knowledge and experience on motivating others through Health & Wellness Coaching!

Growing up - I worked for my parents building homes and spent summers with a local landscaping crew. I have since combined the two fields into my own Home & Land Design contracting business. 

The Journey

My journey in designing, building, and planting spaces started at a young age. Being involved in all things real-estate, my parents spent weekends painting, plumbing, and perusing parade homes - I was there for all of the action!

Like a sponge, on the job site, I would soak up as much knowledge & experience as I could! I soon found that building homes and running a business was much more than just completing a task list. I watched my parents develop friendships with the people they worked with and I began to fully comprehend the value in Relationship.

In college, I pursued and received a BA in Communication Studies. I knew that above all else, being an effective communicator was going to be a key factor in building business, relationships, and a healthy life.

Since then, I have furthered my education in both Health & Wellness and Home & Land Design.

Erin and I became members of A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) in 2012. Through A4M, we participated in a post graduate program and worked with some of the nation's leading health & wellness practitioners and advisors. We love using our education and training to help others transform their lives!

Erin and I have recently "flipped" and renovated properties, purchased and renovated a home of our own, and are now focussing our efforts on new home building! We want to provide buyers with custom - modern-designed homes - that feature the latest in green & smart home technologies. Contact me here to learn more...

"You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give."

-Winston Churchill


It is my Calling - to serve others as a contractor & motivator.

It is my Goal - to help those I work with, reach their highest potential through health & wellness.

It is my Passion - to create optimal living spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, and comfortable.

It is my Purpose - to combine all, in order to create for others, the Highest Quality of Life!


This site is a way for me to share my thoughts, ambitions, and my work with you - check it out, share it, and get in touch - I would love to hear from you!



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