| Serve - Medium

| Serve - Medium


This Black Walnut & Brass serving platter is a must for every home. Use it to serve your best ones... Breakfast in bed, tea time, or drinks on the terrace. The rich grain of the black walnut, and subtle luster of the brass handles makes it natural to display this tray on the countertop or coffee table. 


16" x 9" x .5"

Production & Design

When exploring project options for 2017, I began to look around at some of the the things we use in our home on a regular basis. I wanted to create something I can share with others that is both practical and creative.

My cutting boards, serving trays, and chopping blocks are customized pieces that you can use everyday, but are worthy of a second look, a feel, and can even be displayed on your countertop like a piece of art.

These cutting boards were designed and made to last by Duston Stanczyk, in the USA.


I select, cut, and sand every piece with my own two hands, making each and every one of them a separate work of art.

While I strive for uniformity in my products and designs, slight variations in grain, color, and size will undoubtedly occur. 

Just like us, every tree is different, and thats what makes them unique!

Use & Care

The board is finished with a proprietary blend of beeswax and food-safe mineral oil.

Keep the board clean by rinsing with soap and water. (Not too hot or it will strip the beeswax coating.) Avoid letting the board stand or soak in water. Do not put the board in the dishwasher. Disinfect occasionally with vinegar and baking soda or sea salt. For stubborn odors, rub board with a fresh lemon and let sit overnight before rinsing.

For regular maintenance, wipe down the board with your choice of oil (mineral, coconut, olive) whenever it starts to look dry or pale. This can be done once every few weeks or as often as needed to preserve the wood's luster.

If deep scratches develop, use a high git sand paper and lightly sand surface in direction of the grain, and apply oil. If cared for well, the board will develop a silky patina over time that will ensure a lifetime of use!

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